A Collective of The Most Dangerous Street Cats

WADEZIG! FAMILIA is a collective of street artists and or street crew from all over the world, that represent WADEZIG!, and at the same time, fully supported by WADEZIG!. As a brand that originally born in the street art community, WADEZIG! FAMILIA is the representation of WADEZIG! in the community.

FAB Family was established in 2005 and was a coalition of several graffiti crews to represent Bandung’s graffiti scene at that time. The name F.A.B stands for Flagrant Act of Bombing which Cheztwo came up with. From tags to throw ups to pieces and productions , they maturely evolve and added Family to the name because it defines them more better. They are supportive and innovative in their works and very committed as well. But the reason that bonds them together is their passion of having fun and enjoying what they do together as a family.

FAB Family ‘s area of work are in graffiti, street art and urban art with ten different individuals representing their own different visual styles and areas. Today, the family members are: Cheztwo , Racht4 , Olderplus , Skeed , Pope , Stereoflow , Shake , Astronautboys, and Wormo.

FAB Family also has ‘The Foundation ‘ which is functioned to develop and do research in expanding their creative minds to go beyond graffiti. Such as exhibitions, art shows, products, photography, videos and music.

More info : http://fabfamilyfoundation.com

Ink&Clog is the emergence of two individuals, Inkten and Clogtwo, a graphic artist and graffiti writer respectively, whom they have decided to collide in regardless of the atomic law of physics that they have been potentially concealled over 7 years, breaking from the norm. Their body of works involve the exploration of vast medium, touching into digital complexity to the conceptuality of fine arts painting.

Inkten is a visual artist based in Singapore and also part of the local art collective RSCLS who founded Ink & Clog Studio with artist/partner-in-crime Clogtwo where they constantly create new works to showcase around the world.

Eman Jeman aka clogtwo is a singapore-based visual anarchist whose disciplines include being an accomplished graffiti artist and fine arts practitioner. Influenced by his parents, he explored his artistic abilities from an early age. With a multi-disciplinary approach, he creates works of art on various mediums from walls, canvases to customised vinyl toys with his unique vision. Inspired by his daily observations of society, the narratives in his work explores the elements of dark humour and social behaviour. Currently, he has set up his own studio together with partner in crime ink where he is constantly creating new works to showcase around the world.

More info : http://inkandclog.tumblr.com | http://clogtwo.com | http://inktensufina.com

Crew members of PHBKLK, ZNC, DPT, and BURNERZ. Born in 12 October 1986, Kuala Lumpur. The name Katun came from the love of sketching cartoon characters throughout the years. The love towards graffiti came after highschool and the rest is history. All the various arts work that has been done started from the street,until now his art works has achieved a level that can be proud of. He also has been involving himself into a lot of competition. Focusing in Graffiti and mostly creating characters on wall or in illustration book.

More info : www.behance.net/katun

MUTE is a three-man army that focused in producing a visual arts, based on streetart scene and it’s behaviors. Complementary fusing each other, the trio decided to form a crew and named it ‘MUTE’ in 2008, and a crew consists of NoahBedlam, and KumkumBandung is their laboratory, thus it’s also their home base since it all started until this day. Every of them has a specific drawing style that vary from figurative photorealistic,  surrealist, even fractals-abstracts drawings. Personally interested to every kind of color and curve, they tend to always stood out in making new style of drawings.

The name ‘MUTE’ which literally means ‘voiceless’. It represents their acts and works that keep forged to contributes by any visual art- executional works rather than obviously talk or verbally-active for their works. MUTE aimed to always keep embroiled and mediated to every kind of mediums they’ll met. The original concept is to stay “louder than other.”

More Info: http://ericnoah.com/ | http://mrkumkum.tumblr.com/ | https://bedlamorama.wordpress.com/