100 / 1 Affairs Logoset is one of Bandung Affairs effort to invite the public to make 100 kinds of logos from Bandung Affairs. The aim is to familiarize the public with city movements as well as introducing Bandung Affairs as one of the media who are able to channel people’s perspectives about the city of Bandung. The process isnt just about the data but also needs the society’s improvements, with the result all the people may have the sense of belonging of Bandung Affairs, because Bandung Affairs Affairs as an attempt to improve the condition of this city, returned to the city as a human habitat habitat. Because the city is home to the population.

Bandung Affairs initiated by the spirit to urge people to be more participatory in the future of the city of Bandung. We like to form an imaginary space cities through other media, because the formation of an imaginary space of the audience is as important as its final form, since the process should be utilized both as a means conversation, learning and understanding the formation and action. The process is the opportunity to build a sense of belonging, while building the necessary awareness.

“We love Bandung, but Bandung loves affairs”

More info here or here.

Oh and FAB FAMILY will do live painting there, so please come and join them.

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