Buffet Tradeshow

Buffet is the first tradeshow and public expo in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to Streetwear, Sneakers, Contemporary Style & Culture, Design, T-Shirts, Accessories and much more. In addition to an industry tradeshow taking place on Friday 26th February 2010 and a free Public Expo & Marketplace running across Saturday 27 and Sunday 28th February 2010, Buffet also serves up a kickass launch party; a series of 4 Discussion Forums featuring international and local guest speakers; and other side events. Please check Buffet official website for full overview.

Unfortunately we don’t get the chance to go there but our dude Andrew Crum will be there representing WADEZIG!. So if you happen to be there, go find him and ask for some WADEZIG! goodies, stickers, tees, anything. Big thanks to Andrew!

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