Did WDZG! Ripped-Off Sketchy Tank Artwork?

Yesterday, we are shocked by dozens of not-so-friendly comments in our latest t-shirt collection post in Instagram. Those comments are soon followed by a direct message from one famous artist @sketchy_tank who claimed that the artwork printed on our recent t-shirt collection is originally his artwork and asked us to remove it.

Quickly, we did an investigation and found out that the claim is true, the artwork is a rip-off. Such a disgrace, we know. Stealing other people’s artwork is a serious violation and there is no way we can let this happen. Not in this family.

But it happened. Shit happens. People make mistakes. We make mistake. And we have to fix this. We immediately made several decisions internally, and one of them are to take down the troubled t-shirt and hold all of its sales.

We also contacted the artist himself to ask for an apology. As we all know, @sketchy_tank is a huge artist with a huge heart. He accepted our apology and in short, we’re all good now. We offered to buy a license of the artwork, but for some reason he couldn’t accept it. He also requested us to just make the t-shirt disappear. And that’s what we’re going to do.

Making a couple hundreds of t-shirts disappear is easy. But staying true and original is hard. But we’ll keep trying anyway.

Lastly, we would like to apologize to everyone for this stupid mistake we did. We learnt some lessons today. We put this on our blog as a self reminder for everyone of us that originality and honesty are very serious matters.

Banner photo source: lurkingclass.com

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