Bored is a word that really distract ma mind that day. When I saw a piece of art with a same concept, same visual or same execution and spread a lot on public space. But since that day I began to realize , why should I make an kick ass design with no meaning !!!…you know is like a man with a good shape, but with no brain. Big PASSION and DESIRE forcing me to made an artwork with tagline “don’t trust”. In Visual Aspect, this artwork is really close to the age of grunge –era (1991-1997) with visual composition which random,mess,unsymmetrical,dirty,and lots of scratches…that’s why this artwork is more like talk from side of meaning.

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In this artwork I will tell you a story about the composition which built a piece of art and application to a lots of media. This kind a composition. As far as I know public will say “agree” if we using nice and typo in appropriate, cymetric object, clean paper, using a perfect color and etc…At this part I’m gonna give a small and different color to everyone while there put a school grades for an artwork….that good artwork doesn’t always to be beautiful but having to smart. With that consideration hence artwork made will be seen the strength foundation formed and own to feel……selamat menikmati!!!

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