EGO! is now available for download

hello folks

this is EGO! again, yes we’re back from the dead. you can call it zombie or whatever it doesn’t matter. it’s just papers loaded with not-so-important things printed on it but we do hope that what we have here can give you informations you might need or at least keep you company in your toilet, whatever.

Just in case you’re wondering where we were, i can say, we’re not going anywhere, just plain dead and buried. Now the spirit has brought us back and ready to kick your ass again. yeah, it’s been a very long time since our last issue, as i remember it was 2003 or 2004, we were young and innocent back then. there has been 3 issues that we have released before we’re “dead”, we had all the fun and crazy ideas all arround our heads. But the life has to put us down, we got tied up with reality that we had to make money and stuff and ofcourse we had to re-think about how we gonna survive this crazy world. but as time passed by, all of those make no sense anymore and today the all new EGO! is back and totally loaded..

This new version of EGO! is a lot different from the old ones, we are now a lot more selfish and hard-headed, but we’re still fun and crazy though, don’t worry. In this new Ego! we’re no longer accept artwork submissons but we do review artworks or works from people we love, we bring subjects that we love, and we definetely do it exactly like we love to. But we’re pretty sure, some of you will love it too, coz’ we’re no different right? your just as crazy as we are. well then we’ll have no problem right?

This 4th issue is a little bit pushed too hard, we don’t have much time to think about it, since we’re too busy with another part of our life, you know business, marriage and stuff…but it doesn’t matter anyway. The urge to ejaculate our ideas is more powerful than we thought and we can’t help it. That’s why today you can read this junk and you’ll just have to enjoy it, so enjoy.

For those who didn’t get the printed version of our newest EGO!, it’s not the end of your world. You can still have it in PDF format. We have 2 separated files for EGO! and Wadezig! RAW Lookbook. Click on each image below to download, or click here for EGO! and here for the Lookbook.



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