#FREEVOKoneNOW Video by @arksfour

#FREEVOKoneNOW from ARKS FOUR on Vimeo.

Revok1, LA’s graffiti writer just got prisoned by the feds last april. As a fellow writer I felt a moral obligation to give him support.

I was doing documentary about “ARKS”, my own graffiti writing. Until an idea stroke after a brainstorm session with the documentary crew to do a “Free Revok” graffiti piece documentary.

2 of the dopest graffiti writer “123 Klan” and “Cope2” did lend me inspiration to do this piece. They tweeted a lot about #FREEREVOK campaign. And I tried to hold that in mind while going to Ground Zero.

On my 20 minute journey to the Ground Zero, I realized that was the only chance I have to figure about all the things that I need to do, since the area is in the central of Jakarta where most of the brown uniformed aparats patroled.

Fonts, colors, shapes, dynamics, spraypaints and of course the canvas is a wall that absorbs paint so easily made me came back the next night to finish the piece.

I would say this imperfect graffiti piece is a natural contribution from the heart for a fellow graffiti writer.

When I was a “toy”, that’s what they call for a new kid on the graffiti’s block, my favourite writers were from Stickupkids such as Cantwo, Daim, Delaroze and Cyder, he represented South East Asia on the map. Just because I don’t want to be contaminated or straightly influenced by other writer, I heard about Revok not until couple years ago. Didn’t really put my eyes and nose on him. But when you’re becoming a graffiti writer, I don’t give a fuck who ever you are, one thing for sure I know you’re a family.

-ARKS- [@arksfour - realarks.blogspot.com]

Cameraman + Photographer : @ferryrusli
cameraman : @ivanvictorlucas
photographer : @kazumasaalbert

Download #FREEVOKoneNOW theme song by: METROPOLIS – AD/AC at soundcloud.com/​freesouls#FREEVOKoneNOW

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