Hello Again.

If you notice that this web was acting weird lately, it’s because i’m working on something here. As you can see, a little touch up here and there, and several new features added. Well, let’s say, this is version 8.1. And there you go, we got Playlist now, where we share songs we’re listening over and over again in the office recently. There is also Video, along with some other features. So, are we done with the website? Nope. We’ll keep working on it, keep experimenting and doing anything we want to do to it. And you guys will always be the source of ideas to us, so please talk to us if have anything in mind.

We told you that we’re coming to Jakarta this month. Yes, ‘coming’ as in ‘opening a new store’. It’s located at Jl. Lamandau IV/18 Jakarta. And will officially open by the end of this month, hopefully. So stay around guys, we’ll keep you updated on that. 

AAAHHH new year, new spirit, new blood, new wife (!), we’re so excited and made a lot of great plans for this year. A couple of new stores, some projects, and all. We’re going have so much fun, i suppose. Ok that’s it for now. I’ll leave you with these sneak of our next store at Lamandau. Continue Read to view.




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