Interview With Matthew Adis

Matthew Adis is a self-taught artist that was born and raised in Philadelphia. He is well known for black and white illustrations. Unlike most artists, he has a fulltime job in the food industry, and have been playing in bands for around a decade. Adis has worked with clients like HECollective and Colectivo Cascabel. He has held solo exhibitions in Massachusetts and Philadelphia, and has participated in group shows throughout the United States.

To know more about Adis, check out our interview with him below.

1. A bit about yourself/background information?

I was born on May 14th, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I currently reside in the city where I work on creative endeavors and a full time job in the food industry. I have been playing in bands for around a decade; currently performing with groups Anxiety Hammer and Latishia’s Skull Drawing.

2. What’s your average day like?

I have an early start on weekdays working for a catering company in downtown Philadelphia. My schedule with this job allows me to spend a majority of free time working creatively.


3. Have you been to art school?

No, I have not been to art school.

4. What’s the art scene like where you live?

Active and flourishing. There are many people working creatively and participating in the city through different avenues. A lot of street and mural art as well as up and coming design work. I see a lot of great fashion and jewelry coming out of the city, and have been lucky to collaborate with friends who work via these outlets, Helene Curly (HECollective) & Ashley Gardner (Colectivo Cascabel). On another note, Philadelphia has a very exciting culinary scene – there’s something for everyone.



5. What is it that your work communicates? What are some specific messages you are trying to share with your fellow citizens?

A lot of my work stems from personal experience, but some common themes would be mortality & indecision, memory bank robbery.

6. What’s your creative process like?

The creative process can differ from piece to piece. At times it’s calculated, and sometimes more fluid. I generally begin with a chosen medium and the execution stems from that.


7. What’s your favorite medium?

Pen and ink is very natural for me. I’ve always preferred working with simple black and white imagery, fine line and detail. Lately I’ve been branching out with color and mixed media using brushes, graphite, pastel, etc.

8. What do you think of the fine line between art, street-art, design, commercials, etc.?

It’s fascinating to me how all facets of art can be applied to each other. Any form can translate well under the guise of another, speaking to different audiences.



9. What do you dislike about the art world?
I’m not a fan of those who buy attention. I’ve always thought of art to speak for itself.

10. Any big plans for the future?
Ideas are never short in supply, but time is. I would like to focus on larger works, present in new formats and mediums, and bring my work to distant places. I’d like to publish a book and make more records.

12. Any shouts?
I’d like to thank anyone who has supported my work in any volume over the last few years. I’ve been very fortunate to participate and work with inspiring people.

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