Interview With Mr. Bloodshed

Mr. Bloodsheed is a Colorado Springs based illustrator. The name Bloodsheed came from his band on Guitar Hero 2 game back in 2006. He love pizza, watch documentaries and TV series, and go out to eat. He was influenced by artists such as Greg Simkins, N.C. Winters, Alex Pardee, Funsnuf, Mayonnaise and Bread, Nebur Delgado (Arms of the Pig), etc. To know more about him, check out our interview below.

A bit about yourself/background information?
I’m 24 years old, I love pizza and I fear the Reptilian agenda.

What does “Bloodshed” mean?
Bloodshed is actually the name I chose for my band on Guitar Hero 2 when the game was released in 2006. I have stuck with the name since then.


What’s your average day like?
I wake up and take my dog out, make some breakfast, take a shower and bounce around between art projects while listening to music or stand up comedy. Currently my life is mostly eating, sleeping, drawing and painting.

Can you describe about your hometown? What’s the art scene like where you live?
My home town back in Texas is small, not much art to be seen unless you venture into Dallas. I currently live in Colorado and I would describe the art scene here as very expressive. You see a lot of free form, abstract, sacred geometry, everything is very colorful. I have enjoyed it a lot.


Who are some of your favorite artists, illustrator, and otherwise?
Some of my favorite artists/influences are Greg Simkins, N.C. Winters, Alex Pardee, Funsnuf, Mayonnaise and Bread, Nebur Delgado (Arms of the Pig), Scribe, Cereal, Raul Ra (Rawooh), Milton Lozada, Batdog, Deltizzle, Johnny Crap, Burn353, Goresongz, Downtimer… Basically an endless amount of artists I have found over the years and follow or keep in touch with.

What makes you different from other artists?
My work shows influence from a lot of the artists I love, I guess what sets me apart from some people is a variety in styles/subjects. Some artists stick to doing the same things, I am always moving on to new ideas. But I’m guilty of drawing a lot more skulls than anything else.


What’s your favourite medium?
My favorite medium is by far ink and markers.

When you’re doing some artworks, where your inspirations came from?
Usually my inspiration comes from cartoons and what I see daily posted on Instagram by the artists I follow.

What is it that your work communicates? What are some specific messages you are trying to share with your fellow citizens?
My work is simply what you see. I normally do not convey a message in my pieces, maybe some day when I’m a more seasoned artist.

Now a big question “What is art” to/for you?
Art is relaxation, frustration, obsession, spontaneity, almost engulfs my life but in a good way. Like a medicine for a constantly aching mind.


From all of your works, which one is your favorite?
I can’t say I have a favorite, I’m not usually happy with my work. I always see the flaws, things I could have done better. It always pushes me to try harder on the next one, helping me improve with each work.

Besides working and making artworks, how do you like to spend your free time?
I like to watch documentaries and TV series with friends and family, or go out to eat. I don’t take much free time outside of making art.


Any future plans for 2016?
I plan to try and get a tattoo apprenticeship, I hope to get into that scene and open up new career opportunities down the line.

Any shouts…
Shout out to all of the people who said I shouldn’t have quit my day job to pursue art, you were probably right but I’m enjoying myself ^_^.

Check out and follow @mr.bloodsheed on Instagram to see his killer works.

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