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Welcome to a new section of our blog – Conversation. In this section, we’ll interview infuential people from different fields, and different place around the world to find out interesting things about them from a different point of view. Not only infuential people, in this section we’ll also interview influential online publishing as well as offline media, regularly, in hopes of getting different perspectives. Yeah, some kind of interviewing the interviewers, because got interviewed by the media is too mainstream, no?

Our very first interview is with Ryan Glick, our friend at, a style influence site and online boutique based in Los Angeles.

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Please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us the beginning of SWGNT.

I’m Ryan from SWGNT is a style influence site, as well as an online boutique for emerging brands.

Why streetwear?

I don’t really like the word streetwear, or for that matter lifestyle or menswear. I just like all sorts of clothing that fits my style.


From what i know, SWGNT is an online boutique, a streetwear blog about latest trends, and also a streetwear brand. What’s actually SWGNT, in your own perspective? 

SWGNT is half blog where we talk about new collections, collabs, etc, and the other half is an online shop. SWGNT really isn’t a brand yet, and I don’t know if it will ever be. Eventually I would like to branch out and start making clothes but it might be under a different name for a variety of reasons. The SWGNT shop sells brands unrelated to SWGNT, which a lot of people confuse as being ours.

How do you manage to do all that stuff? how many people are there at SWGNT office?

It’s pretty crazy actually. It’s really just me who runs the site. I have a web guy I work with and I have two good friends who help me out with editorial when they can. I’m definitely looking to expand though.

How is your average day like?

Each day is different, so it just really depends what I have going on. I wake up and get to posting right away, I answer lots of emails regarding brand submissions, orders and much more. I try to link up with brands and check out their showrooms and take a peek at upcoming collections, meet with different PR agencies, photographers, and designers.

SWGNT shares its own perspective on streetwear culture from all around the world. Where do you get all those informations from? 

It’s funny because people are always asking me where do I get my info from? Or what other sites do I look at? To be honest, I try not to look at any other site, because I try to keep SWGNT in its own lane and I really don’t care what anyone else is doing. I get a lot of info from brand submissions and PR emails. You can always email me at and I will for sure check it out. On the other hand I just love looking around for new brands, and new clothes from emerging brands that fit my style.

There must be a complex process behind the curation of the blog content. who’s in charge for what’s in and what’s not for the blog? how do you make decisions?

I decide what gets posted. There’s a lot of new gear dropping each day, but it’s pretty easy to decide what gets on SWGNT. Would I wear it? Does it fit the SWGNT aesthetic? Those are a few questions you gotta always ask before posting.

How do you decide which brands to carry at the online boutique?

That’s tough. I like working with up and coming brands that use SWGNT as an outlet to gain more exposure. I try to sell gear that isn’t available in too many other shops, making it exclusive. The shop is filled with a wide range of louder items for that stand out style.

How would you describe your buying patterns for the brands you are stocking? Is it the full collection, or is the criteria different?

It’s more geared towards what do I think the SWGNT fans will want to wear.

Will you also carry whatever small unknown brand from some corner of the world, just because it has good quality? 

Yes, I’ll carry any brand even if they’ve only made one shirt before. It doesn’t matter to me. If I like it, I will add it to the shop, simple as that.

SWGNT also have its own products, isn’t? how do you guys differentiate working for other brands for online boutique, and working for your own brand at the same time?

We really don’t have too much of our own gear. We’ve made a few logo tees, some hats and we have the NY Iris jersey out now. But as far as our own gear goes, I just want to stick to simple logo designs so people can rep. SWGNT is still more of a website than a brand, so I’m not trying to really cross paths. I’ve learned and seen so much clothes- both good and bad from all these other brands so I definitely think I have a good idea about what to make. Hopefully I can start designing clothes soon.

What would you say is the biggest lesson you learned throughout the years of SWGNT?   

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from the two years working on SWGNT is to just go after what you want and don’t stop until you get it. You gotta be resilient with everything.

In terms of streetwear trends, can you share your personal perspective on what’s gonna be in (hype) and what’s out in 2014?

For 2014 you can already see a lots of metallic clothing/sneakers popping up. So I definitely see colorful sequins making a splash for 2014 as well. Also, brands are definitely starting to play around with materials, whether its leather, mesh, nylon, cotton or all of the above.

There are these discussions going on regarding ‘mainstream’ and ‘sidestream’, or hipster and non-hipster in local scene in indonesia. what do you think about it? is it even important?

I don’t know whats’s going on in indonesia haha. But don’t look too much into those categories. Like I said earlier I hate the words streetwear, menswear, mainstream and sidestream. Just be you and wear what you think looks tight.


What is LA streetwear culture like? 

LA is crazy and it features all sorts of style. Fairfax is definitely the streetwear hub, as you can find some of the more famous brand’s retail stores, including Supreme, Diamond, Hall of Fame, The Hundreds

What is your favorite brand?

To be honest, I really don’t have a favorite brand. People always ask me this and I give a different answer everytime. There are so many different brands out there, and it all depends on my mood and how I feel like dressing. I definitely fuck with Stussy, Supreme, Undftd, Shades of Grey, John Elliott, Vans, Engineered Garments and plenty more.


Do you have something to say for local streetwear scene in indonesia?

I don’t know what pulse is like in Indonesia so I can’t speak too much on it.

Any big plans for 2014?

I have some big features I want to try out with some of my favorite brands. I also have this crazy idea regarding the shop but I can’t spill the beans just yet. Stay tuned. I also want to start designing clothes and making some dope gear.

If there had to be soundtracks to your works/office, what would it be? please name at least 8 songs (this one is actually for our MondayMix. we’ve talked about this before hahaha)

Hmmm thats a tough questions. Only 8 songs. No particular order :

Dom Kennedy – My Type of Party

LaShaun Ellis You and Your Friends

These Ni*gas – Overdoz

N.A.S.A – The Underachievers

Right on Time- Joey Bada$$

Make it Stack- Lloyd Banks ft A$AP

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe- Kendrick Lamar

Designer Shit – Dom Kennedy

*now everyone gets a clue about our upcoming MondayMix. Ha!

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