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SUB-Cult is an online magazine bringing you the newest information in fashion, lifestyle, music, films, books, art and designs, also the hottest news from around the globe. Recently we had a chance to interview SUB-Cult’s Editor in Chief, Adita Kartasasmita. Adita has earned recognitions in numerous multimedia projects in television and advertising industry. She had been working in various giant multinational companies for quite some time, and had been given many opportunities in working with some of the biggest brands in Indonesia and also topnotch advertising directors. Adita Kartasasmita graduated from Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, acquiring double master degree for Film and Television and Digital Design. Her long domestication in Australia had driven her to contribute in many short film projects, which had won many awards, including the prestigious Gold Coast Film Festival and Future Fantastic Film Festival.


Please introduce yourself to our readers, and tell us the beginning of SUB.

At the beginning SUB was created by a bunch of dudes with nothing better to do, but feel that they’re cool *laughs*. The founders consist of graffiti artist, underground band member, creator of underground music events, art exhibitioners, and point is they’re from different backgrounds but have the same passion and finally they created a media, which is SUB. They’ve good taste in fashion and at that time, mainly in Jakarta, the local brands are rising, and the products are great, that’s why they created SUB – to accommodate all that.

If you knew, the previous SUB Magazine is more into cataloguing, look book, and fashion spread. While the other articles act as supporting materials. Now SUB has changed its format into newspaper, but product cataloguing still exists, because it’s the core of SUB. The main platform for SUB is the website; the newspaper is actually to promote the website, where all the news in SUB Paper are news that are already published in the website. If people are interested to read the stories on the paper further, we’ve prepared barcodes so people can scan that leads straight to the website link. The website and newspaper are integrated. As for product cataloguing, at the moment, people can only find this in the newspaper, but in the future we’re planning to include it on the website and it will link straight to each of the product’s web store.

What was the local sub-culture like before SUB burst in? How much has it changed in the years since?

Before there was SUB scene, there was already sub-culture scene in Indonesia. I remembered when there were events such as medium rare, sneaker pimp – the scene was crazy! Then, not many people know about this scene, they don’t even know street culture. My friends were able to bring this scene to Indonesia until everyone got caught up in the hype and started following the trends. I’ve seen people willing to buy a Nike dunk Deftones in a swapmeet for IDR 15 million, *laughs*. IDR 15 million at that time is crazy expensive! But it shows that people are starting to understand and want to be in this scene.

After, people are starting to be aware of this culture and local streetwear brands started popping up, along with stores that sell streetwear brands from abroad. Nowadays, you can’t even keep track of them anymore. Similar in the music scenes. Back then my friends brought Dam-Funk to Jakarta; people don’t know who they are so it’s filled with the same faces again and again. But now, you can ask around who Dam-Funk is and chances are people will know. There’s even a chance for big promoters like Ismaya Live to bring artists like Dam-Funk to perform here, *laughs*

Define sub-culture, in your own words.

Sub-culture is a movement that triggers the youth generation in creating, so that this generation will always create something new and better.

Why sub-culture?

Because sub-culture is a big opportunity and such a promising investment in today’s era. The movement of this culture is able to influence social circles in every aspect; we are going through a new era where sub-culture is the culture that dominates society.

Does SUB reflect your personal taste? Can you describe your style? 

My taste reflects SUB. Cause if I have a bad taste, then SUB won’t be as good, right? *Laughs*


Ever thought about starting up your own brand? If no, why not?  If yes, what would it look like?

Since my daily job consists of reviews and analyzing a brand, I’ve seen quite a lot of great brands, different and original, so I get a lot of ideas to start my own brand. But now I have a few businesses that are ongoing and I still have to focus there right now. Maybe one day I might create my own brand, why not?

If you’re asking me what it is, well, it’s a secret…

So much new info’s from the Internet, a lot less originality. Everyone is always trying to jack others’ style nowadays. What do you think about this?

In creating something people usually find references. It’s one of the processes, which is normal, just as long as they don’t copy their reference ‘exactly’ as it is. You gotta be smart, honest, and have a good taste to create something original. If your idea isn’t really original, you need a strong selling point. Like SSUR, they create apparels using slogan such as “Comme des Fuckdown”. When you think about it, it’s not an original idea, but they succeeded cause they mocked high fashion brands who acknowledge themselves as premium streetwear, haha!

It was a printed magazine. And then a printed tabloid, and online too until today. What’s with the change? And why both printed and online?

We’re bored of the magazine format, so we changed into newspaper. Besides, the concept of a newspaper is a bit different from the previous SUB Magazine. The main media for SUB is the website, but we also need the physical form, because no matter what, people will believe in a product more when they’ve ‘touch’ or ‘seen’ its physical form. We distributed SUB Paper so that people can see its physical form; from there we’ll take them to see the online version.

SUB shares its own perspective on trends from all around the world. Where do you get all those information’s? 

The information we received usually came from different source; it could be a brand, label, musician, store, event organizer, or wherever they came from. These people would email us so we’d post their products/news to SUB’s website. We usually curate the products that come through us beforehand. Sometimes they give us permission to take the news materials from their website. The news that we think are the best, are the ones that we published on SUB Paper.

There must be a complex process behind the curation of the blog content. Who’s in charge for what’s in and what’s not for the blog? How do you make decisions?

Everyone who works at SUB are involved in curating the content of SUB, because the people that work at SUB are people involved in scenes. They know the soul of SUB very well because it is similar to their soul

What would you say is the biggest lesson you learned throughout the years of SUB?

I went through a lot of ‘team changes’ while working at SUB, and I learned a lot of the unique individuals who worked here before. Since I started from ‘hangout friends’ environment, there are lots of things that started out as just for fun is now something serious. Making use of your friendship for working is not an easy task. So the biggest lesson here for me is that you have to know when to separate your playtime and your work-hours. It’s not that I’ve stopped having fun now, but I’m having fun in a more ‘serious way’.

In terms of streetwear trends, can you share your personal perspective on what’s gonna be in (hype) and what’s out in 2014?

Sneakers are sure to make a comeback. Actually, sneakers never left the scene, but in Indonesia the ‘sneakers’ hype is going to get huge again. . . Hahaha, I don’t know if that’s bull or not, but it’s what I wish for. . .

What are some of your favorite brands?

Stussy, PAM, Maharishi

How is your average day like?

You can find me at an empty restaurant or bar during the day. Having beer while working is heaven for me when I don’t feel like being bothered by my overly chatty colleagues *laughs*. Apart from that, my daily routines are similar to anyone else’s.


Any big plans for 2014? what can we expect from SUB in the future?

Wait for our surprises!

Metal or hiphop? 

What kinda question is this? Metal: Me**k Gatal. Hiphop: Hari Ini Party Harus Ok & Pol *Laughs*

That is exactly the answer we want ahahah. Thanks Adita and SUB-Cult team!

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