Introducing KATUN : A New Member of Wadezig!Familia

KATUN is crew member of PHBKLK, ZNC, DPT, and BURNERZ. Born in 12 October 1986, Kuala Lumpur. The name Katun came from the love of sketching cartoon characters throughout the years. The love towards graffiti came after highschool and the rest is history. All the various arts work that has been done started from the street,until now his art works has achieved a level that can be proud of. He also has been involving himself into a lot of competition. Focusing in Graffiti and mostly creating characters on wall or in illustration book.

Starting the year of 2014, we proudly announce that KATUN is now also a family member of Wadezig! Familia. Welcome to the family, brother!

To know more about KATUN, check out our interview with him below.

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A bit about yourself/background information?

Hey fellas, My name is  Katun. I’m 28 years old, just an ordinary human which born & raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Katun is a Malay colloquial word for cartoon. People started to call me Katun since I’m in high school because I love to draw & sketch cartoon characters back in the days. I’m representing PHBKLK (KL), ZNC (SG), DPT (LA) & PB (SG) crew. I just recently invited to join Wadezig Family from Indonesia.

I felt honored to be given chance to representing the “illest” crews around southeast Asia & America. Currently I’m spending my time learning all forms of graffiti. Creating characters form is my main interest in graffiti. I love to be recognized by my character style.

What’s your average day like? 

I always started my day with a cup of hot coffee while browsing thru social media sites to search for update & checking my email. I spend the rest of my day at District Shop & Gallery in my cubicle doing illustration, graphic design & artwork to pay the bills. If I have some free time, I go out with my boys getting something to eat while discussing current project of my crew & commission works.

After I went home, I will continue the rest of the night doing illustration, painting canvases or sketching. Creating characters form is my main interest in graffiti. I love to be recognized by my character style. Being a freelance artist pushed me to hustle everyday to earn my living.

Still learning & always be.


Do you consider yourself street artist? why/why not?

Sorry I’m not labeling myself as a street artist. There’s a huge gap between Graffiti writer & street artist. For me Graffiti is a culture that you learn by throwing yourself out on the street. Get your adrenalin rushed by bombing & beef among others to get recognition on the scene. Things always get messy & I like it. Hence, I always pick spray paint as medium to paint my character which the ultimate tools for graffiti rather than other tools use by the street artist. For me other mediums are just a bonus to expand the way you showing your style.

What is it that your work communicates? What are some specific messages you are trying to share with your fellow citizens? 

By creating an urban style character, I planted my style on the wall, which will be seen by the society & fellow graffiti writer. The wall will always be a platform to communicate & sharing artwork, it’s a form where i advertise my artwork & passion for graffiti. My character is a reflection of what I’ve seen in my surrounding. My message is always depend on how you see my artwork is, and sometimes I like to leave it untitled so people could speak their impression & opinion about it. Graffiti is to share, not to hate;)

Have you been to art school?

Yes, I graduated with Bachelor degree in Art & Design at UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia. But most of my work is self-taught, which influence from other artist from on the web.

Is there anyone who should stop putting stuff up on the streets?

I respect all kind of art form on the street but a bit annoyed by ads that reeks of political bullshit & porno because it’s not a good way to educated people. Its leaving impact on graffiti too.

Ever been caught in the act?

It’s so many that I couldn’t state here, back in the old days when I was young & naïve. hahah

Now a big question “What is art” to/for you?

Art is life, it’s a connection in between humans. Most of us will sense the pleasing feeling which provide by the art that we saw, experienced & touched. Its always set your mind in motion which I don’t know how to describe it but its definitely privilege to be able to sense it. Buts different people have different definition about art. It’s a complex definition for me.

What do you think of the fine line between art, street-art, design, commercials etc?

All these form have its own strength & way to approached the audience.

Is there any kind of conflict between your work as a Graffiti Writer and working for major companies?

That’s the only reason I’m freelancing now. The major company always rejects my idea of implementing fresh design style for clients. I always approached my design style to every work I’ve been & it’s seem that the clients always have a way to spoiled it. I don’t want to be a sell out artist. I only appreciate the clients or companies that hired me because of my designing style & originality.

Is art still fun?

Always have & always be! Especially art of graffiti. Im having lots of fun by meeting all the coolest people in the scene, they were friendly & create awesome artwork. Having fun under the hot sun painting together with my boys,

We laugh & we paint hard together, it’s a pure satisfaction to be able to do it together. Graffiti is an art of family. Forever will be fun.

katun for wadezig poster

If there had to be soundtracks to your art, what/ who would it be? 

Major lazer – get  free

Rudimental – not giving in

Sigur ros –valtari

Bjork – army of me

Coldplay- strawberry swing

ACDC – You shook me all night long

Thanks, brother! Keep painting and you don’t stop!

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