Ironlak Aerosols Spray Paint now available at Wadezig!


Ironlak was founded in 2001 by an Australian graffiti writer who wanted to offer Australian writers a quality brand of paint at an affordable price. After three years of research and development the very first Ironlak prototypes started to hit Australian shelves. The first range was made up of ten basic colours.


Ironlak | 400ml Interior/ Exterior Paint.


Ironlak has been developed with the artist’s needs in mind and was designed to offer the best coverage, alongside great control and a vibrant colour range of over 90 colours. Whilst primary attention was focused on producing a top quality line of paint, it was important that Ironlak products remained affordable for writers.

Ironlak performs extremely well in a variety of different climates, both hot and cold. Cans come fitted with the Ironlak Vegan Cap (outliner) and an additional two free Ironlak NY fat caps.

Premium 400ml colours
Price: Rp85,000.00


Ironlak Techies | 400ml Transparent Cans.

The all-new “Techies”.

These brand new transparent black and transparent white cans open up a whole new world of technical possibilities, and cutting edge experimentation. Use them to render, layer, detail, blend and highlight on top of any colour of Ironlak. Techies add a whole new weapon to your arsenal and depth to your style.

Premium 400ml transparent paint
Price: Rp90,000.00


Little Laks | 100ml Mini Cans.


Little Laks offer the same coverage and quality you expect from Ironlak but in can small enough to fit in your pocket. Slightly lower pressure than normal Ironlaks allows ease in creating finer details and provides crazy control. Pop a fat cap on and it’s the perfect can to rip with too.

100ml mini cans
Price: Rp58,000.00


This products now Available at:

Wadezig! Offline Store Bandung
Jl. Sultan Agung No.7 Bandung
Ph. +62.22.426518

Wadezig! Online Store

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