It’s Fishchick!


After a long wait, finally FAB Family’s fishing days are over. It turns out that the fish we caught was Astronautboys’s Fishchick. Straight from Bandung, Astronautboys is a great artist with amazing skills and the most important part is he’s a wonderful personality with great visions.
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Here’s a short statement that Tyan made right after he joined FAB Family:
“Thanks guys, thanks for all the support. It’s a big honor for me to join FAB Family. So let’s make some graffiti! But to be more exact, let’s do graffiti because graffiti is not just about making graffiti. It’s all about doing graffiti”

Yes we totally agree! And it’s an honor for us too! So here he is… Introducing the newest family member… Astronautboys.

Astronaut Goes Fishing from Cesarsyah Ardjil on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Wadezig!
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2 replies on “It’s Fishchick!

  • wari

    i just passing by the midnight when i saw you guys (though i dont realize that those guys would be you… haha) sticking that huge fish on the wall near the naripan street…. nice work guys!

    *damn, wish i can see u guys doing the whole thing any longer…


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