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Page is an interesting magazine put out by the talented folks at Face. They boast quite an impressive and entertaining portfolio and maintain a young, energetic feel throughout a lot of their work.

Taken from their website :

Page is a design-fueled magazine with the personality of a workshop. We do not limit ourselves to ad insertions, but instead enjoy inviting and motivating brands (with whom we identify and share an important market) to become an active element within the stream of ideas that constantly runs through us, in order to create for them custom-made advertising value.

Not satisfied with putting together a substancial and inspiration-driven content, that is enriched by international collaborations from around the globe (Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Spain, USA, Germany, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Mexico and Sweden among others), we find ourselves in a constant quest for the ultimate materials that elevate and convert our document into a collectible object-of-desire.

We love ‘thinking outside the magazine’ and never hesitate to stir up the exisitng editorial elements out there to come up with new ones and offer our clients fresh innovative solutions that will boost their brand equity.

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