Stereoflow & Astronautboys for Skateboarding Day

Chitato Life Is Never Flat will be holding up three separate events for three communities in Bandung. Skateboard, bicycle and graffiti. All three events will be on three different dates in three different places.

Astronautboys and Stereoflow of FAB Family will be performing a live painting at Skateboard Day for “Chitato Life is Never Flat” event. The session will be a warming up session for the graffiti event (Wall Lords Indonesia) that will be held on July 2nd. See ya’ll there!

1st Event: Skateboard Day
Tuesday, 21 Juni 2011.
7 am – 4 pm at Lapangan Saparua, Bandung.

2nd Event: Bike Community
Sunday, 26 Juni 2011,
7 am – 10 am at Dago Car Free Day, Bandung.

3rd Event: Wall Lords Indonesia
Saturday, 3 July 2011.
11am – 9 pm at Monumen Perjuangan, Bandung

via Stereoflow

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