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Remember our foreign affairs spokesman, Andrew? This psychooo babbler is going to join this rickshaw adventure called the Malabar Rampage. And he’s kind enough to share the story with us. You might want to check out the Rickshaw Challenge website to get the idea of his story below.

Here’s the story from Andrew :

“Green light says GO GO GO. Bureaucracy at it’s most efficient literally took the full 7 days that the Indian consulate claims it does to receive your 330+RM ($100+USD) tourist visa. No matter the length of nail biting wait, I’ve got it. My mind flashes life before my eyes. Will the last thing I see be the side of a cow before I go slamming into it or dive into a ditch? Will the smog and traffic of India drive me completely raving mad and sending me off to the funny farm? What is all this chatter in reference to? Well it’s “an amazing race for the clinically insane.”

Starting April 2nd in the timeless Indian city of Chennai, we launch ourselves into a 15 stage course of over 2000km (aprox 1200 miles). Referred to as the ‘mother of all rickshaw adventures,’ the Malabar Rampage, will send us “through some of the most exotic and scenic places imaginable, from bustling metropolises to incredible beaches.” Yep, I totally agree with you by the way, you already knew I was nuts, but this really is the icing on the cake!

As it states on the official website, “The Rickshaw Challenge invites participants into the heart of India, where you’ll traverse every possible micro climate; from metropolis, tropical jungle, arid desert, ancient valleys and the epic coastline known the world over as, “God’s own country.” You’ll do all this in a three-wheeled vehicle with a two stroke engine: The Auto Rickshaw.”

Just because this is some nutty race doesn’t mean it can’t have a positive impact on our ever expanding global community. Rickshaw Challenge has partnered with Round Table India which is “a national organization that oversees charitable needs, donations, and projects like Freedom Through Education. Please consider making a donation to help them continue to develop projects that support our brothers and sisters of this community.

So look for me, that ‘psychooo babbler’ Andrew T Crum rocking some dope gear via my fellow madmen at WADEZIG!, PSD, theClinkRoom and reppin’ ya’ll hard to the locals. Maybe even passing out a few WADEZIG! T’s and hats that I have. Or to donate them as potential stage winner prizes for the other racers. Maybe even it’ll come down to using them for barter with the locals to get some work done on the rickshaw. Who knows?!?

This is going to be damn exciting, so put on your helmet and tune in for the madness to follow! If you’re a social network savvy cat, join in on the madness via the Facebook group. Thanks for all your support and look forward to hearing from you all and sharing this experience!

And keep an eye on our teams progress via :

Twitter: @myteaone & @skinnylatte

Flickr: myteaone

And Adrianna Tan’s website

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