There are many terms linked with “blackbook”. Blackbook is a movie title, novels, TV series, or a name of a magazine. Blackbook or graffiti blackbook in street art culture, refers to a book contains graffiti sketches from a graffiti artist.

From the street art perspective, we present you Wadezig! Blackbook, a 50 sheets A5+ notebook where you can sketch your wildest imaginations before you hit the walls. With 17.5 x 23 cm size, this blackbook is easy to carry, easy to put on your bags, or hold in your hands.

This book will be available in stores soon.

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Wadezig! Blackbook features:

– Synthetic leather cover with laser emboss Wadezig! Twist Logo

– 6 Card Holders on front side

– 2 Document holders on front side

– Pencil / pen holder

– 1 Document holder on back side

– Refill Paper (Grid and Blank pages)

Details Pictures

Synthetic leather cover with elastic strap

Inside (front) featuring 6 card holders, 2 document holders, and a pencil holder

Front paper cover with wood texture print and embossed Wadezig! Twist Logo

Card Holder and Document Holder

Inside Paper ( Grid and blank pages)

Back side also contains document holder

Laser Emboss Wadezig! Twist Logo

Refill paper 50 sheets.

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