Wadezig! Cut & Paste Series

The term collage derives from french word coller meaning “to glue” and sometimes employ different kinds of media and material. Ever since Braque and Picasso experimented with this centuries-old technique at the start of the 20th century, it has played a leading role in modern visual communication. This traditional Cut-Paste-Glue are looked at again with the “WADEZIG! Cut & Paste Series” This is much more than just patchwork!  It a process where we experiment with different images, colours, shapes, effects, and also the music suggest us visually until we pleased with the way it looks. Thrown up new challenges mixing new elements and new methods together for some exciting new developments. WADEZIG! Cut & Paste Series now available in limited stock at Offline/Online Store also your local retailers.

Wadezig! Offline Store
Jl. Sultan Agung 7 Bandung

Wadezig! Padang
Jl. Ahmad Yani no. 38 Padang


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