Wadezig! Monday Mix Vol. 11 by Gembira Putra Agam

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Having loads of diverse musical direction, Gembira Putra Agam (or as his parents called him simply; Gem or Gembi) would surely find it difficult when he’d chosen what’s his favourite tunes. In this glorious opportunity to share his chosen music for Wadezig! MondayMix series, he’d like to show his musical roots from indie to reggae to dance to experimental to pop. These tunes might not be set of rare gems, you can find it easily anywhere in some record stores if you like. Yet, these eight tracks would never be enough to showcasing his vast taste of music.

Rashied Ali Quartet – As-Salaam-Alikum
Musical Youth – Pass the Dutchie
Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring
The-Dream – Livin’ a Lie (Feat. Rihanna)
Swasembada Meong – Meninabobokan Hasrat Keduniawian
Paul Gutama Soegijo – Klavierstudie
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
Suede – Still Life

Gembira Putra Agam’s mix series: http://www.mixcloud.com/missriboet/
Twitter : @gembiraputra


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