Wadezig! MondayMix Is Now On 8tracks.com

4 years ago we released our first MondayMix. Here’s what i wrote to explain what the hell MondayMix is, back then :

MondayMix is just another mixtape, a selection of songs compiled into one album based on genre, mood, or whatever. Why Monday? because for me, personally, Monday is the toughest day of the week. you need more than just a kiss from a wife (or some hangover bitch from last night’s party, or whoever you find beside you when you wake up in the morning) in order to move your lazy ass off the bed and go to work. Or to school. You’ll need a good selection of songs to boost your mood to start the very first day of the week. So here comes the MondayMix, download it, put it on your iPod, and kick it. that’s the main idea.

Since then, we’ve released 10 awesome mixtapes, created by 10 awesome friends. Until we decided to stop, due to legal issues and some technical difficulties.

Today, 2 years after our latest MondayMix, i decided to move all of our MondayMix to 8tracks.com. It’s an internet radio website revolving around the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. Users create free accounts and can either browse the site and listen to other user-created mixes, and/or they can create their own mixes.

You might want to ask, 8tracks has been around since years ago, why so late? I don’t know, this thought just came in mind a couple of days ago, so i did it ahahah.

Anyway, here are the complete collections of our MondayMix. It’s no longer available for free download, but you can enjoy it online at our 8tracks account. Follow us there, and expect more awesome mixtapes from our awesome friends, every Monday in the near future.

Happy Monday, everyone!

– ing

1. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.1 by Cheztwo

2. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.2 by Robin Malau

3. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.3 by Adhitia Sofyan

4. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.4 by RottenFresh.com

5. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.5 by Ykha Amelz

6. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.6 by Yas Alone At Last

7. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.7 by Athink Alone At Last

8. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.8 by Fatwerks

9. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.9 by Koma

10. Wadezig! MondayMix Vol.10 by Rizky Rahman

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