Wadezig! MondayMix Vol. 15 by nookmag.com

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Our newest MondayMix is a special one, because it was mixed by our friends from nookmag, an online alternative lifestyle, gigs, & street fashion magazine from Singapore. According to them, these are the songs they often listen to at their office.

Quoted from nokmag profile :

Three years ago, Nookmag started out as a collaborative effort starring average Joes and Janes on a pursuit to share what we like and the happenings in Singapore and around the region. Born out of passion and fun, Nookmag has always embraced and advocated individualism. In all honesty, we are not coolest folks around and we are not trying to be anybody. What we possess are our very unique selves, heaps of good cheer and spirit.

What started as a part-time hobby has escalated into a dream-come-true for us. Not knowing where Nookmag will lead us has been part of the thrill and pleasure of this journey. It really doesn’t matter as it is all about having fun, doing things we like and in the course of that, meeting new friends and having more fun.

In 2012, we celebrated Nookmag’s second-year anniversary with a spanking new look on our website. Without compromising our identity, the new Nookmag allows readers to navigate around with more ease and comfort. Graphics take centre stage so that Nookmag remains visually appetising. At the moment, Nookmag is focused on featuring urban culture, local stories, people with passion and gigs. Not forgetting our obsession with ‘nooking’ style-savvy folks on the streets and featuring them in our ‘Nooked’ section.

Nookmag has also developed another facet as we started to operate as a creative agency as well. Throwing parties and running campaigns for brands such as Converse, Lee Cooper and Boomphones have been a terrific experience amidst all the unthinkable madness.

As we continue to wear our hearts on our sleeves, we hope to inspire as many as possible to be comfy and cozy in their own skin. And we aspire to persist in being the voice for the inspirational folks and the low-profile talents.

Once again, we look forward to sharing more exciting goodies with you! In this spirit, we toast to endless nooklicious affairs ahead!

We are constantly looking out for contributors and crew. If you have a good sense of fashion and urban cultures, heaps of passion and most importantly, a fun personality, write to us at info@nookmag.com and who knows, you may have your very own monthly column with us.

Occasionally, we organise events as well. For loads of fun and cool ideas, hook us up and write to us at info@nookmag.com.

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We are located at 71 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198496.

Special thanks to our friend Sulhan of Nookmag for the awesome mix. Check out nookmag.com and follow them on twitter @nookmag.

Happy Monday!

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