WADEZIG! MondayMix Vol. 9 by @koma_indo

It’s Wednesday, and we’re releasing the newest MondayMix today, but who cares, it’s a damn good tunes mixed specially by our good friend KOMA INDO, one of Jakarta’s finest street artists, who is also representing the infamous Artcoholic Family.

This is his 2nd mixtape after Rainy Collapse, and I think this mixtape is the sequel of the 1st one, because it sounds alike, in a good way.

Anyway, enjoy the mixtape, find the songlist and the download link below. Big thanks to KOMA a.k.a Meriken Lybia.

Check out another awesome works of KOMA at his personal site, or follow @koma_indo on twitter.

DOWNLOAD HERE (62.1MB Zip file)

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