Wadezig!SubStore @ Sevensouls De Arcade Jogja

Good news for you guys in Jogja, we just opened our mini store inside Sevensouls De Arcade. Yeap, a store inside a store, mini store, concept store, or whatever you call it, but we’d prefer to call it Wadezig! Substore. Not only we are now have even more complete collections in Jogja, this substore is also our representative there, as Jogja has always been our second home 🙂

Come visit now, it’s not yet grand launched, but it’s now open for business. See you there guys 🙂

WADEZIG! SubStore @ Sevensouls De Arcade

Jl Cendrawasih Komp Colombo 4 Yogyakarta Ph : 0274-583789

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