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WADEZIG! ARTISTS SERIES presents Eric Wiryanata a.k.a THUNDERPANDA, a young local talented artist from Bandung. 10 selected artworks on our tees are ready to make you feel like you never seen a t-shirt before. check the preview at the bottom of this post.

well I’m not good at writing short bio, specially when it comes to “famous people” hahah, so i’ll just leave you with the following interview, or you might wanna check his personal site at www.thunderpanda.com or go to DEATHROCKSTAR.INFO.

A bit about yourself/background information?

I was raised in a loving family in Jakarta.

What’s your average day like?

I wake up around 7, watering the plant, fixed breakfast, and go to my daily office. Later at night I gamble with my housemate.

What is it that your work communicates? What are some specific messages you are trying to share with your fellow citizens?

You should try to read it between the lines, sometimes I just simply doodle them without trying to send any specific messages. It’s all coming from the imagination and inspiring objects surrounds.

have you been to art school?


Do you consider yourself an artist? why?

Because it’s the only way i could sell my works, people only buying arts from artists. 🙂

what makes you different from other artists?

I’m not trying to be different. i’m just another lame illustrator coming from the bin. but still i believe my works are loveable.

whats your favourite medium?

water marker on paper. but currently I love my Pen and Tablets. 🙂

If there had to be a soundtrack to your art, what/ who would it be?

Mates of States – My Only Offer

Sally Shapiro – Jacky Jacky (spend the winter with me)

Pavement – Shady Lane

Jonna Lee – Autumn Song

The Wispy Hummer – Winter Mirror

Now a big question “What is art” to/for you?

a commodity.

What do you think of the fine line between art, design, commercials etc?

It’s all about money in the end, and it’s okay.

Is art still fun?

yes. yes it is and it would always be.

what do you eat?

anything quick, fair priced and delicious

please give us some fun facts people dont know about you

I never get a good mark in the high school art classes

so you are the founder of deathrockstar.info. tell us a bit about that.

It’s simply the best website you could ever think or imagine.

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