Wadezig!MondayMix Vol. X by Rizky Rachman

It’s Volume X! And it’s special, because this mix is compiled by Rizky Rachman himself. Who the hell is he? Well, he’s our friend, our partner in crime, our mentor, and he’s co-founder of WADEZIG!. We won’t give you further description about who he is, what he does, because he wouldn’t like it. One thing you should know, according to him, there are only 2 music genres, ‘metal’, and ‘not metal’. Period.

How do the MondayMix sounds like? We wouldn’t tell either. Please download this MondayMix ONLY if you know exactly what it would sounds like. We will not responsible for ear damages or any harm it may cause.

Anyway, find the track list and the download link below. Oh and while you’re dowloading, enjoy the mixtape in the audio player at the right-hand side of this website, happy Monday!


UPDATE! Click here to download from Dropbox.

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