WADEZIG!MondayMix Vol.2 by Lowrobb


One day late! wow, we’re getting better everyday! :p
I’m so excited to release this second volume of MondayMix, because of the man behind it, ROBIN MALAU. Really???!! Yeah MondayMix Vol.2 was compiled by Robin Malau. THAT Robin Malau? Yup, That Robin Malau. Except the fact that you can read more info about him in his personal website, I dont think we need more explanation about who he is or what he does. If you still have no idea who this guy is, it’s either because you’re born yesterday, or you are from another planet. Really.

Oh and after a few discussions over twitter (well not really a discussion, it was just me with my questions, and him with his insightful explanations and some cool links) both of us jumped into conclusion that downloading mixtape over internet is illegal. So from now on, there will be no more free downloading from us. But no worries mate, you can still enjoy the tunes at our MondayMix player as you can see, on the right side of this web. I’ve been thinking, it would be great if we can share this player on facebook, twitter, last.fm, etc. But i’ve no idea how to do that. Anyone?



Big thanks to Robin Malau.

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